process + SERVICES

Providing you with full service and attention through a forward motion process, helping you transform your vision to reality.


programming + schematic

This is where it all begins through an exercise of space analysis, by-law and understanding surrounding environment constraints + opportunities, initial site visits, space auditing and area calculations, feasibility study and defining the project scope and getting to know you and understand your needs and requirements.


concept development

Here, I develop a concept that is strong, identifiable and unique to you. Through this, I provide a story that is developed with the aid of inspirational and lifestyle imagery complimented with initial space planning. With a preliminary furniture, fixture and equipment package introduced alongside tangible finishes so you can begin to not only see yet feel your space develop all brought together through visual representation providing the information necessary for an agreed direction of the character and aesthetic intent of your project.


design development

A design-intensive phase in which all design elements are developed, including demolition plans where required, partition plans, reflected ceiling plans, furniture layout, finishing plans, and power and communication plans, elevations, sections and important details along with any mill-work drawings. To finalize, all colour, furniture, finishes, lighting, equipment, hardware and all pertinent materials are confirmed. Coordination with associated professional project consultants commences during this phase. Through this, the goal is to define and gain approval of all of the design recommendations prior to moving into the construction and documentation.



Preparation of working drawings, millwork details and FFE Specifications that define the approved recommendations for non-load-bearing interior construction, materials, finishes, furnishing, fixtures, and equipment. All drawings are then coordinated and finalized with the associated professional consultants.

As the Designer, in association with you, approval of all shop drawings are conducted and visiting the site during construction to ensure that the project is being built according to the design intent and documents. 

As the project comes to its end, your new beginning, I ensure all furnishings and accessories are placed and arranged in their desired locations, all art is positioned as planned, lighting is directed as intended with a final walk-through, ready to be occupied.