"Where there is a curiosity, there is innovation.

Where there is quality, there is timelessness.

Where there is experimentation, there is collaboration."

GABOR Studio, a progressive practice that is free of trends, free of mediocrity, free of division. Unbound by limitations, the studio’s synergistic approach constantly evolves by creating meaningful, coherent ideas where each project is a reflection of its collaborative, exploratory spirit, shared and driven by like-minded global partnerships and people alike.

My passion for design developed from early on, spending time sketching objects, drafting plans and creating spaces. With an understanding and appreciation of good design in my early years, these qualities provided me with the foundation and unique ability to communicate in realizing three-dimensional visions with certainty. Throughout my formal education with a technical background supported by distinctive offerings, I furthered my education by obtaining a Bachelors of Interior Design from an internationally recognized institution, Ryerson University. Accompanied with a mantra of learning by doing, a valuable asset I continue to embrace and applied while working for well-recognized international interior design firms.

I am one of few designers that has honed my skills through various related disciplines with years of varying experiences and have applied my fervour for design to a range of built environments in North and South America, Asia, the Middle East and Oceania. My creative talent is only matched by the keen awareness I have for great design along with a venturous curiosity of how materials perform and objects work. I believe success lies in embracing the progressive design process, allowing me to take each project from concept to completion. With a global perspective on architecture and design gained from international practice and travels alongside a keen eye for the unique, I incorporate these throughout the collaborative process, creating successful, memorable interiors, captivating one through an experiential journey.